The “Our candidate, their fight” call for applications is an opportunity for groups of young people supervised by an adult to highlight the work of a public figure or an organisation and their recent fight for freedom.

Témoignages intergénérationnels dans le cadre du Prix Liberté

Groups must fill out a form which encourages reasoned work and documentary research, prompting participants to question their candidate’s chosen fight and its context. This call for applications is also an opportunity to promote fights for freedom which have received little media coverage. 

If they so wish, in addition to this form, youth participants are invited to produce short videos presenting their candidate and to create artistic creative work on the theme of freedom or their chosen fight. This work may be used to promote the finalist candidates for the digital voting campaign and may be used at the award ceremony and on social networks.

The groups which have sent the most relevant and thorough “Our candidate, their fight” applications will also be invited to the award ceremony in June 2019 which will be attended by the winner.

The productions of the 2019 edition

View the realisations produced by the young people participating in the 2019 edition.

Take part in the “Our candidate, their fight” call for applications


Until January 15, 2019.

Who for?

Any group of young people aged 15 to 25, supervised by an adult.
Groups can participate as part of an educational, higher education or training programme, through a charitable organisation or on their own initiative. An application may be submitted by several institutions, as part of international twinning or pairing schemes or any other partnership.


By downloading the form “Our candidate, their fight”:

Form for groups linked to a charity or an organisation
Participation form for groups which are not part of a structure
Form for groups linked to educational institutions, training institutions or higher education institutions.

These forms should be filled in digitally and emailed to Any audiovisual or artistic creative work or any other document in addition to this form should be sent as attachments to this email. Note: your email must not exceed 20 MB. If necessary, you can send your file in several goes or via a platform for sending heavy files, such as WeTransfer.

To ensure optimal conditions for participation in this educational scheme, and particularly for the preparation of “Our candidate, their fight” applications, various practical, educational resources are made available.


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