Retranscription Forum 2018
Normandy World Peace Forum 2018: The essentials
Document produced by the Normandy Region
Date of publication: 2019

Whether you attended the 2018 Normandy World Peace Forum or not, the Normandy Region has created this document to summarise the highlights of the first edition of this event. In this document, you will find summarised versions of the four major conferences, the twenty-three debates and the seven talks.

1.The major plenary conferences: understanding new conflicts and rethinking peace

2.The debates: acting before, during and after the war

- Before the war: considering the causes, the means and the forms of new conflicts to better prevent them
- During the war: how to cope?                                                                                        
- After the war: embarking on reconciliation and reconstruction, defining a new peace

3. The talks: working for peace