Village pour la Paix
Start of the session
01 October 2020
End of the session
02 October 2020

The two days of the Forum will feature musical entertainment in the Village. Artists from Normandy will perform at lunchtime and before evening events.



Marcus & Cookie Monkey

In 2013, after several years as a hip hop artist, Marcus decided to surround himself with musicians to create a live band and to feel the vibrations of the instruments around him. Together, these four musicians create original hip hop, inspired by a wide range of music. The melodies of the African kora blend with the double bass and the drums, highlighting lyrics which celebrate and call listeners to action to create a truly unique musical style. The energy on stage is equalled only by each musician’s enthusiasm to share this musical culture with new listeners.


Ben Herbert Larue Trio

Ben Herbert Larue describes himself as a “talking monster” with a hunger for words: he’s an artist who has trained in circus arts and drama, he’s a singer-poet who’s poignant, outlandish and funny, charismatic and wildly imaginative.


Como no

With its latin influences, the musical quintet Como No aims to heat up the public. Gathered around Isabelle Balcells and with the influence of her compositions, four musicians say with her "Como no", a spanish saying which means "of course" and "why not". 


Couleur Terre

Couleur Terre: three musicians with a passion for travel draw on their musical roots to create a dazzling and joyful ode to Mother Earth! At a time when scientists and citizens are taking action in response to global warming, environmental disasters and pollution, Couleur Terre works to encourage music, humour and poetry to create a new (and very contagious) kind of energy.

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