Village pour la Paix
Start of the session
02 October 2020
End of the session
02 October 2020

The research team behind the Jupiter regional programme (given an award by the Flaubert Foundation) hopes that the “Terrorism trials: justice from yesterday to today” project will help every citizen to understand the role of the legal system and justice in response to terrorism. The trial for the Charlie Hebdo attacks will begin on 4 September 2020, while the trial for the attacks of 13 November will be held in September 2021. This initiative aims to shed light on current terrorism trials while looking back at the past with the visual and sound archives of past trials. Led by Antoine Mégie (a researcher at the University of Rouen) and Benoit Peyrucq (courtroom artist – AFP), the workshop will give attendees the opportunity to learn how the legal system works through courtroom art.

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