Peace and Security in 2019: Colombia
Peace and Security in 2019: Evaluating EU efforts to support peace in Colombia - Study
Author: Isabelle Ioannides
Date of publication: May 2019
Amérique du Nord

This second thematic study  in the  Peace and  Security  series  focuses  on  European  Union (EU) peace support efforts in Colombia. The series will make an annual  evaluation of EU  performance in  the  field of peace and security in a specific geographical region.

This study evaluates EU engagement during the 50-year conflict in Colombia, and focuses on peacebuilding  since the historic 2016 final agreement  between the government and the main armed group,  the  Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP). This is a country where the EU has mobilised a large spectrum of civilian instruments: bilateral and multilateral  diplomacy;  humanitarian  and  development  aid;  and  trade relations. After placing the conflict in its geopolitical context, this evaluation analyses the EU approach to and implementation of support to peace in Colombia, the European Parliament's contribution, risks since the signature of the peace agreement, and ways to mitigate them.

A parallel study, published separately, provides an overview of current EU action on peace and security and introduces the 2019 Normandy Index. The studies have been drafted with   a   view   to   their presentation at the Normandy World Peace Forum, in June 2019.