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Teachers, trainers, associations: how to take part

As a scheme for education in freedom, peace and Human rights, the Freedom Prize also aims to fuel your educational projects while promoting multidisciplinary work.

Designed to adapt to the availability and wishes of any teacher or trainer, the Freedom Prize is flexible and simple to understand. 

By questioning freedoms and commitment in today's world, the Freedom Prize encourages people to express themselves concerning the struggles to be defended through the women, men and organizations that are involved in them. By helping them to identify and understand current issues, it is part of young people's development as citizens.

The call for applications “Our Freedom Prize 2021”

Central to the scheme, it allows people to collectively question the notions of freedom and the fight for freedom while promoting personal and well-argued commitment. Using a detailed form, your students or apprentices will have to identify a current struggle for freedom, present its contexts and issues and set out arguments for their choice and at the same time develop their critical thinking.

In order to encourage young people to get personally involved, it is strongly recommended to propose several projects per class. 

If your institution is twinned with an institution abroad, this stage can be particularly rewarding as it requires cross-referencing the views of different cultures on freedom and commitment.


The online voting

The voting period offers the opportunity to debate issues of citizenship and democracy, while allowing people to examine, through the example of the three finalists, the different contexts and struggles for freedom in the world.

This preparatory work will allow you to initiate or deepen your students’ or apprentices’ thinking at the time of the final vote for their 2021 Freedom Prize.


Throughout the year, the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace is available to help you set up educational activities during these two highlights.



Educational resources: 

A compendium of activities on the call for proposals makes it possible to work in groups on the concepts of freedom and commitment.

→ Download the compendium of activities "Our Freedom Prize 2021"

→ Download the compendium of activities the vote

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