Liberation Dance
18 July 2019
Normandy 1944
The city of Saint-Lô offers a great moment of celebration and intergenerational conviviality in tribute of the 75th anniversary of its Liberation.

Following the afternoon ceremonies and to celebrate the 75th anniversary of itsLiberation, the city of Saint-Lô is inviting all generations of Saint-Lois to participate in a moment of celebration and friendship! This 2h30 event called Liberation 44 will invite spectators and dancers to enjoy the swing tunes of the 1950s, to relive the atmosphere of recovery and reconstruction of the prefectural city. The City of Saint-Lô will decorate the forecourt of Notre-Dame Church giving this beautiful setting a festive atmosphere and tribute to our American liberators. A floor set up for the occasion will allow amateur or experienced dancers to practice the swing dance of the time. So that the party is total, the Saint-Loises and the Saint-Lois who wish it are encouraged to come in period dress!

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