Online vote - Freedom Prize 2021
15 March 2020 - 25 April 2020
Évènement Région
Freedom Prize
The Freedom Prize is an educational initiative which aims to raise awareness of freedom, peace and Human rights, inspired by the values of the D-Day landings of 6 June 1944 in Normandy. The Freedom Prize invites young people aged 15 to 25 from France and around the world to choose an inspiring person or organisation, committed to an exemplary fight for freedom.

An online vote is accessible for several months, for 15-25 year olds from around the world to choose the winner of the 2021 Freedom Prize from the three finalists. 

During the voting period, the digital platform and presentation of the finalists can be found on this website.


Discover the portaits of the three finalists and vote online!

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