Village pour la Paix
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04 June 2019 10h00
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05 June 2019 19h00
Caen - The Abbaye aux Dames - Village for Peace
WOMEN EXPRESS: "COLOMBIA ON MY MIND" is a photo essay and a compilation of photos taken by Joana Toro in her country, Colombia. Some of these photographs were taken while she was working as a photo reporter in various print media, such as Colombian newspapers and magazines. Many of these images have never been published in the press and others have been forgotten in her archives. This essay is the product of a deep reflection from the author after her departure from the media in Colombia and her decision to practice her profession only as a documentary photographer and independent artist. This decision created the need to know the power of photography, beyond the headlines of the press. To get there, she went to the United States. She learns the language, the culture and looks at the picture with different eyes. During those 8 years out of her country, she started to see Colombia in another way, and began to think about how Colombians lived in the midst of the violence and she began to express her own fears, her own story both personal and collective. The author has understood that every Colombian, regardless of his social or economic status, has suffered from violence in one way or another. Colombia on my mind is a visual and timeless journey of facts from everyday life in a country: diverse, violent, innocent, corrupt, magical and very visceral. This story is about different colors, sensations, social classes, feelings; showing different regions and events of national life. The exhibition is a portrait of the private and collective daily life of a country in search of peace and violence.
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Edition 2019
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