Since August 2011, Mahamadou Abou Tarka has been the president of the HACP, with the rank of minister, and as such he is the principal adviser to the President of the Republic for matters relating to security and stability in the Sahelian regions of Niger and the monitoring of peace agreements signed with Tuareg and Toubou rebellions in 1995. The HACP is responsible for maintaining dialogue with the communities affected by conflicts and proposing policies to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts and to make recovery efforts to benefit communities at risk to consolidate peace. 

Before taking the lead at the HACP, Abou Tarka was executive director of the Special Fund for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Sierra Leone (2004–2009), a fund set up by the Islamic Development Bank (ISDB) and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to help Sierra Leone to deal with the consequences of the civil war. He was the director of Africa and conflict prevention to the secretary-general at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (1999–2004) and deputy observer to the OCI for the United Nations in New York from 1996 to 1999. In 1995, he was the aide-de-camp of the special envoy of the secretary-general of the OCI in Afghanistan, based in Peshawar. Before starting his international career, Abou Tarka was director general of civil protection at the Ministry of the Interior (1992–1995). From 1982 to 1995, he served in the Niger Armed Forces in several roles. 

Mahamadou Abou Tarka is an active officer in the Nigerian Armed Forces with Brigadier General rank. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Meknès in Morocco in 1986, completed his military internship in France and his Staff Officer Diploma at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College of Jaji (AFCSC), Nigeria. He has a military diploma from the Kenitra War School in Morocco.


President of the High Authority for the Consolidation of Peace
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