Ghada Hatem-Gantzer is a gynaecologist and obstetrician and a former senior registrar in Paris.
She was born in Lebanon, studied at the Lycée Français in Beirut and moved to Paris in 1977 to become a doctor.
She worked as head of department at Bluets Maternity Hospital and the Delafontaine Hospital and worked in the military maternity ward of the Bégin hospital, which helped her to learn about different organisational models.
With her interest in management and quality of care, she became an inspector for the French Health Authority in 2019 and has Master’s degrees in hospital management from the Paris Public Hospitals Authority (1996) and ESCP (2012).
Keen to offer patients the most comprehensive care, she created the first Medical Assistance Centre for Procreation at the Bluets Maternity Hospital in 1996 and a second at the Delafontaine Hospital in 2012. She also opened a breast cancer treatment unit, in partnership with the Institut Curie, and a genital mutilation repair unit (14% of patients in this area are victims of genital mutilation).
She has long believed that violence against women has an impact on their health and that gynaecologists and midwives are the most appropriate intermediaries to provide this care; consequently, she studied for qualifications in “Violence against women” from the University of Paris 8 in 2014 and “Legal redress for personal injury” from the University Descartes in 2016. In July 2016, she opened La Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis, the first healthcare facility for holistic treatment for women who have experienced violence.
La Maison des Femmes has proved to be particularly relevant: it was recognised by an IGAS audit in 2017 and received the Brussels CHU Peace Prize in 2017 and the European Citizen Prize in 2018. Ghada Hatem received the Prix Simone Veil from the Île de France region in 2019.


Head Physician of La Maison des femmes
Participation in the sessions of the Forum