"Down with the walls! These confinements that make wars" It was on this theme, at the heart of the current events, that the discussions of the Normandy World Peace Forum took place on 23 and 24 September 2022 at the Abbaye aux Dames in Caen. The fifth edition of the Normandy World Peace Forum took place against a particularly dramatic international backdrop, characterised above all by the conflict conflict currently taking place in Ukraine. The Forum was once again a chance for reflection and exchange, an opportunity to think about the world of tomorrow, thanks to the numerous speakers, political figures, representatives of international institutions, geopolitical experts and members of civil society but also thanks to the public who took part in it.

We hope that this book can make the discussions of this edition accessible to all. Summaries of the conferences and debates, summaries of the key moments of the Forum are compiled to transport you to the heart of this event supported by the Normandy Region.

The Essentials compiles summaries of the sequences of the fifth edition of the Normandy World Peace Forum. The comments made in the context of this event do not in any way commit the Normandy Region and do not reflect its position. Summaries are not scientific articles. They present the different points of view and the essential elements noted for each sequence.