Archives INA: Seconde Guerre Mondiale, Débarquement, Bataille de Normandie, Normandie pour la Paix
Normandy for Peace audiovisual archives hosted on a dedicated plateforme created by the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA) on the following themes:

The battle of Normandy
The reconstruction of Normandy
National memory and Franco-German reconciliation
Normandy and Europe, building the peace
Normandy: a symbol of peace for the world

Normandy for Peace is a documentary website created thanks to INA's audiovisual archives, cinematographic news archives, TV news broadcasts and archives from private individuals, amateur movies or unpublished footages. The richness and complementarity of those archives, the confrontation of perspectives and viewpoints made possible by these documents, shed some light in an original fashion on the stories, memories and messages conveyed by Normandy since June 6, 1944. 

The beaches of Normandy became, since 1944 to nowadays, a shared remembrance landmark of global scale. Today, Normandy is a symbol of reconciliation and champions the ambition of a sustainable peace. The aim of this website is to show this construction and to tell its story through commented archives, footages from televised or cinematographic news and movies shot by Norman individuals. 

Normandy for Peace is a means to remind the sufferings and sacrifices made by Allies and Normans in the service of freedom and fundamental rights. "Pain had me shattered, brotherhood lifted me up, from my wound a stream of freedom has soared", this sentence written on the pediment of the Caen Memorial has inspired the identity and singularity of this documentary production.