Built for the Normandy World Peace Forum 2020, the platform Parliamentarians for Peace gathers 10 parliamentarians from 5 continents. Together, they propose legal works to promote worldwide on social, environmental and technological challenges.

Launched by Open Diplomacy and the Normandy Region for the Normandy World Peace Forum, the project Parliamentarians for Peace resulted in the statement that will be promoted worldwide. 


"We, Members of Parliament of ten different Nations taking part in the Normandy World Peace Forum, have witnessed - at home and abroad - how the COVID-19 pandemic is putting the international order under pressure.
Global governance is weakening while the state of the world is deteriorating. Certain vulnerabilities of the global system were highlighted and exacerbated by the pandemic.
One would have expected much more cooperation to face this crisis together as it affects us all. But, going forward, Nations are confronting the virus individually, with a short-term and self-interested approach to the procurement of medical supplies and research and development of a Covid-19 vaccine.
While the ultimate responsibility for citizens’ health resides with the states, no country possesses the means to combat global pandemics on its own. Indeed, some global and regional powers are using this global disruption as an opportunity for a geopolitical gamble.

Some world leaders are undermining the multilateral system of international cooperation in speeches. Others deprive it of essential financial resources. Many override its rules or adopt a “laissez-faire” approach of repeated and violent attacks on its core human-centered values of freedom, self-determination and equality.
Could we have marked the 75th anniversary of the UN in a worse manner? We doubt it. This is why we commit, as Parliamentarians for Peace, to sustain key policy solutions which work towards peace, developed by governments as well as non-state actors.
Across the borders that separate our chambers, and the political boundaries that differentiate our respective viewpoints, we jointly look forward to more policy anticipation and cooperation. We therefore come together as one in support of the following principles that underpin all the policy solutions we recommend."