The Problem of Peace
21 November 2019
New York - Columbia University
Évènement Région
Normandy for Peace
Conference organized by Normandy for Peace and Columbia University as part of the "The Problem of Peace" seminars on Thursday 21 November at 6 pm.

Conference attended by Hervé Morin, former French Defence Minister and current President of the Normandy Region, François-Xavier Priollaud, Vice-President of the Normandy Region and Professor Katarina Fischer Kuh, Director of Environmental Law Programs at the University of Pace, New York.

This debate at Columbia University in New York will highlight the investment of civil society and local authorities alongside States and international organizations to build sustainable peace. This will be an opportunity to review the actions of the Normandy Region and its partners in the framework of Normandy for Peace. Prof. Katrina Fischer Kuh, professor of environmental law at Pace University, will present the work of the Normandy for Peace Chair of Excellence and Pace University on the protection of the rights of future generations and in particular their environmental rights.

The seminars "The Problem of Peace" is the oldest lecture series of Columbia University, started in 1945 after the Second World War. Since then, more than 400 conferences have been held on peace issues. Columbia University, engaged on the subject, is among the eight oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States. 101 Nobel Prizes were awarded to university students or staff.

A cocktail and a time for discussion with the panel be proposed after the conference. 

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