Start of the session
02 October 2020 16h30
End of the session
02 October 2020 18h00
Salle Nacre

Children are unique civilian victims in times of crisis and armed conflict. Their rights are rarely taken into account, even though their traumas have far-reaching consequences, both for individuals and society. Malnutrition, huge numbers of children not in education, limited access to health resources and family breakdowns have a significant physical and psychological impact. Recently, the WHO and UNICEF have warned of the increased risk of childhood deaths related to the indirect consequences of COVID-19. How can we ensure that the unique position of children is considered during conflicts, thereby protecting their development and that of the societies in which they are growing up? How can we help children to rebuild after a crisis?


Because of the sanitary crisis, some speakers will address the conference through videos: Jasminko Halilovic

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