Born on 31 May 1981 in Tahoua, Niger. Mr Assoumane Abdourhamane is a political scientist, who attended Ahamadu Bello de Zaria University in Kaduna, Nigeria. He has professional masters qualifications in International Relations (IBMT, 2015), Administration and Management (ESCG, 2011), International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Institut L'Elite de Niamey, 2011-2012), and Communication for Development (Institut de Formation des Technologies de l’Information – IFTIC, 2015).

Mr Assoumane Abdourhamane has completed several internships in India relating to English communication and IT skills, in China relating to Diplomacy, and in South Africa focussing on IT Security and Jeyax, as well as training courses on IHL and reforms in the governance of the security sector.

 Mr Assoumane Abdourhamane has been Technical Advisor to the President of the High Authority for the Consolidation of Peace (HACP) since October 2016. In this capacity, he is one of the HCAP officers who have been working since 2016 to tackle issues which contribute to restoring peace in our region.

Mr Assoumane Abdourhamane was Diplomatic Advisor to the Prime Minister from 2011 to 2015, during which time he was actively involved in monitoring the implementation of Step 1 of the Renaissance Programme on a diplomatic level.

Since 2016, he has devoted himself to the difficult task of peace consolidation alongside Brigadier General Mahamadou Abou Tarka, President of the High Authority for the Consolidation of Peace.

Mr. Assoumane Abdourhamane was involved in the development of the Diffa crisis exit strategy, an experience that inspired him to write the forthcoming book, Les Droits Humains au Cœur des crises du Sahel et du Bassin du Lac Tchad.


Counsellor, High Authority of Peace Consolidation
Participation in the sessions of the Forum