Khadija is Yemen’s first woman film-maker, and has made some over 30 documentaries for various TV stations in France and Yemen and received several awards at various film festivals worldwide… Her first fiction film « I am Nohoom, age 10 and Divorced » won more than 25 awards and has been screened at 100s of festivals world wide. She wrote « La Rosée du Matin ». With Charles Hoots, she has written a book « The Tears of Sheba » about her experiences growing up in Yemen. She occupied until 2011 the post of press and cultural counselor and director of the Communication and Cultural Center at the Embassy of Yemen in Paris.

Among the awards she received : The Knight of the Order of Arts & Letters awarded by the French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand. Inspiring woman, chosen by the Mosaic Foundation (Washington DC). Yo Dona Magazine (Spain). Medal of Honor rang of Knight (Chevalier) awarded by the French President Jacques Chirac. And Prince Claus Foundation Award (Netherland). She is a member of the Academy Awards.

Documentary director
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