Anilore is a French sculptress who celebrates vital energy and fights inaction and immobilism with monumental sculptures brought alive by natural elements and sites. She works in metal, from steel to futuristic materials. Her work tells the immense power of women and men to change their destiny, and mutate the impossible. The vital energies that she consistently works at connecting feed her artistic odyssey. She lived successively in the United States and in Italy. Her journey took her to China, South Africa, North Pole. She now works and lives in Paris where she installed her studio in an old forge.


MursMûrs is Anilore’s latest sculpture created for this year’s edition of the Normandy World Peace Forum. It whispers to our ears the sounds of peace and tells us about these walls that do not divide us, but rather bring us together in harmony.


Anilore’s works include:

The Braves monumental sculpture installed on Omaha Beach,

The Doors of Light at the French Mint in Paris and

The Words at the Modern Art Museum of Nice

A Futur-Oriented Artist, she’s currently working on an unprecedented art and science project, celebrating a gathered humanity : Vitae project, a million hands engraved on a deployable sculpture which is conceived to be installed on the Moon, in a soon-to-come mission.

Sculptor specialized in monumental works
Participation in the sessions of the Forum