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30 September 2021 09h30
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30 September 2021 12h30

In today’s world, armed conflicts, geopolitical tensions and disagreements between states and on the international stage are destabilising peace. But other social, economic and humanitarian challenges also pose a threat to world peace and need to be tackled. Their many and various impacts on communities and societies are undermining peace in every corner of the globe, posing a threat – among other things – to the safety and food security of millions of people. Yet the international community is still not doing anywhere near enough to consider and address these issues.

There is currently a gap between the institutional framework of governance based on the principle of multilateralism, and the reality on the ground. The real risk, therefore, is that peace could be undermined because these challenges are still largely overlooked, and because the system is unable to adapt and respond to them. The current crisis demonstrates the limitations of a global peace framework founded on the concept of resilience. In the post-pandemic world, peace and global security will come under even greater threat from a diverse array of phenomena in health, technology, digitisation and the economy. Unless we overhaul a system that appears to have run its course, we could well see peace elude us forever.


Via video: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Charles Burke, Pedro Conçeição, Antonio Guterres, Jean-Daniel Lévy.


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