Ghazi GHERAIRI is a lawyer, academic and diplomat.

Since 2016, he has been the Tunisian ambassador to UNESCO as well as to the International Organisation of La Francophonie

He is the secretary-general of the International Academy for Constitutional Law With a doctorate in public law and political science, he taught law at Carthage University, the Diplomatic Institute and the Tunis School of Politics.

He was a member and spokesman of the Higher Authority for Realisation of the Objectives of the Revolution, Political Reform and Democratic Transition in Tunisia. (2011)


He was also:

-A member of the expert committee appointed by the National Dialogue to support the drafting of the new Tunisian Constitution (2013–2014).

-Commissioned by the United Nations to document the experience of the National Dialogue in Tunisia which was awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. (2015–2016)

-The senior field manager of the Tunisia OECD-MENA Governance Programme. (2013–2014)

-The senior expert for the drafting of the Yemen constitution (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung). (2014–2015)

-The senior expert for the drafting of the Libyan constitution for: (UNDP/Democracy Reporting International/CAWTAR and the Libyan’s women platform /Danish Institute for Human Rights). (2014–2015)

-President of the expert committee commissioned to draft the municipal and regional electoral bill (Ministry of the Interior & CILG). (2015)

-A member of the drafting committee for the Constitutional Court Law (Ministry of Justice). (2015)

-A senior expert appointed by the International Labour Organisation to write a report on women’s socioeconomic rights in Tunisia. (2014–2015)

-Commissioned by the Prime Minister with translation of the Tunisian Constitution of 27 January 2014. (2014)

-The national coordinator of the National Congress for the Fight Against Violence and Terrorism (Co-organised by: UGTT, UTICA, LTDH, Order of Lawyers (Ordre des Avocats), IADH, etc.). (2013)

-He is the chair in Maghreb Public Institution Governance in the Euro-Arab Foundation and the University of Grenada

-An expert at several international organisations (UNDP, ILO, OSCE, etc.); he is also an international arbitrator at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID, Washington), part of the World Bank 2015/2021.

-The author of several articles and works, his latest publications include contributions about the civil nature of the Tunisian State in the collective work published by the UNDP in October 2016, La constitution de la Tunisie (The Constitution of Tunisia) and “Thoughts on Religion in the 2014 Tunisian constitution”, a contribution to the collective work Religions and Constitutional Transitions in the Muslim Mediterranean, The Pluralistic Moment, Routledge, 2016.

- Recipient of the Lysistrata Prize


Tunisian Ambassador to the UNESCO/OIF
Organization :
Paris - France
Participation in the sessions of the Forum