The cat, Willis from Tunis, was born on Thursday 13 January 2011 during the speech of the deposed Tunisian president, Ben Ali, who promised, among other things, freedom of expression. At the beginning, this cartoon chronicle was the means for the author to share with her immediate circle her feelings on the historic situation that Tunisia was experiencing. With a satirical voice, the tomcat chronicled the news on a daily basis and has not stopped since.

Nadia Khiari, an art teacher, painter and cartoonist, has published several anthologies of the chronicles of the revolution, publishes her artwork in Siné Mensuel, Courrier International and is a member of Cartooning for Peace.

She received the Honoré Daumier Award (during the second meeting of Cartooning for Peace in Caen in 2012), the insignia of Docteur Honoris Causa from the University of Liège in 2013, the international prize for political satire at Forte dei Marmi (October 2014), the “Couilles au Cul” prize during the festival Off of Off in Angoulême (January 2016) as well as the Sokol Award (Caricature Museum Krems, Austria, September 2018).

Self-published books: Chat Noir [Black Cat] (2017), Manuel du Parfait Dictateur [The Handbook of a Perfect Dictator] (2015), Willis from Tunis 2 (2011), Willis from Tunis: chroniques de la révolution [Will from Tunis: chronicles of the revolution] (2011).

Published books: 10 ans, Toujours vivant [10 years and still alive] (Elyzad, Tunis, to be published in November 2020) - Willis from Tunis: chroniques de la révolution [Willis from Tunis: chronicles of the revolution] (La Découverte, collection Zones, March 2012) - Willis from Tunis (in Arabic, All Prints Distributors and Publishers, Beirut, June 2012) - Entretien avec une dessinatrice engagée [Conversation with a dedicated cartoonist] (University of Liège, January 2020) – Short story published in the collection “C’est l’anarchie” (Caïman, 2020).


Cartoonist, president of the 2021 Freedom Prize Jury
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