The multidisciplinary training in social sciences and humanities common to the entire University College, offers students the opportunity to deepen the political, geopolitical and economic issues of the Asian continent, in a comparative perspective with Europe.
By following this English-language curriculum, students benefit from an introduction to the history, economies, societies and philosophical and artistic approaches of different countries in Asia and the Pacific, from India to Japan, from China to Australia. The issues discussed (political violence, growth and sustainable development, influence of Confucianism, among others) allow students to become familiar with an Asian continent, rich in a multi-millennial history and economic pole of tomorrow, by the prism of social sciences and humanities.

Students can also study the languages of the geographical area such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian, while taking courses in French as a foreign language for students who do not have a level equivalent to B1.

Created in 2007, the campus of Le Havre is the Euro-Asian campus of Sciences Po, it is part of Sciences Po's university college which has 7 organized network and delivers an undergraduate training accessible from the baccalaureate (or his equivalent abroad).