Start of the session
28 September 2023 16h30
End of the session
28 September 2023 18h00
Salle Nacre

How do you view the state of the world in 2023? The return of the war in Europe has profoundly upset international relations, the arms race is starting up 
again and the rivalries between the powers are being exacerbated as never before. The shift from cooperation to 
confrontation is changing the world. We are witnessing the convergence of fractures and confrontations between North and South, democracies and autocracies, the West and the rest of 
the world.

Against this flow of news, every citizen has the right to ask: what is the world coming to?

These journalists and editorialists comment on current international events, and will be giving their retrospective and 
forward-looking analyses of this great chessboard of the world during this debate.

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