Visuel Forum 2023
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"Resistance ! Bring peace back to the people", the sixth edition of the Normandy World Peace Forum will be held on 28 and 29 september 2023 at the Abbaye-aux-Dames in Caen.

World Forum

Initiated in 2018 by the Normandy Region, the Normandy World Peace Forum is a major international meeting of "peacemakers".

Each year, thousands of participants - the general public, high school students and experts (Nobel Prizes, diplomats, artists, associations, scientists, researchers …) - meet and exchange ideas for two days on the tensions that weigh on the world and the solutions for building a lasting peace.


People's resistance is often a response to a situation of injustice or oppression experienced by society. With the retreat of democracies in the world, there is an increased mobilisation of the people. Their role is becoming major, both in preventing violence and in rebuilding peace. People rise up to assert their rights or to put an end to domination, whether by the regime in place or by a foreign power. 

We can cite several current examples: the war in Ukraine, revolts in Iran, China and Kurdistan. This resistance is also organised around fundamental social issues such as women's rights or the climate crisis.

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