This session during the 2021 Normandy World Peace Forum ended the Walk the Global Walk programme, which involved three years of awareness-raising on sustainable development among young people in Normandy In light of the important topics addressed by the young participants, the Normandy Region has decided to keep the programme going within the region, working in partnership with the International Institute of Human Rights and Peace. The new SDG-related educational programme, known as ecHo, was launched at this session.

At this event, run in partnership with the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace and with the support of the Open Diplomacy institute, secondary-school students from Normandy and their teachers presented their commitments and recommendations for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The event also featured a discussion with Parliamentarians for Peace on issues of climate, peace, justice, institutions and education, with the aim of developing concrete proposals – locally and globally – that reflect the students’ recommendations.