The essentials of the Normandy World Peace Forum 2023
‘Resistance! Bring peace back to the people’. This theme of the 6th Normandy World Peace Forum took place in a particularly complex international situation.
Popular resistance is often in response to a situation of injustice or oppression experienced by society. The decline of democracy in the world has led to the increased mobilisation of its people. People play a major role, both in the prevention of violence and in the restoration of peace. They rise up in protest to assert their rights or to put an end to domination, which is exercised either by the regime in place or by a foreign power.
We hope that this work will make the discussions of this 6th Forum accessible to everyone.

The Essentials compiles summaries of the sequences of the fifth edition of the Normandy World Peace Forum. The comments made in the context of this event do not in any way commit the Normandy Region and do not reflect its position. Summaries are not scientific articles. They present the different points of view and the essential elements noted for each sequence.