History as an open book

With its museums, historical sites and cultural and educational facilities, Normandy is unveiled as an open-air history book, to understand not only the Allied and German military strategies in 1944-1945, but also the keys to the European construction

Sharing universal emotions


Recollection, hope, wonder, fraternity, recognition, reconciliation ... In Normandy, military cemeteries and sites such as Pointe du Hoc are imbued with a palette of emotions to share on the spot, not only through the testimonies of veterans, but also with the locals - during the celebrations of June 6 for example.

Crossing extraordinary destinies

They were Canadians, Americans, British, Polish, French ... Most were not twenty years old, but they chose to cross the oceans and the continents to come defend the universal values ​​of Peace and Freedom in Normandy. Discover the courage, heroism and sacrifice of these young people without whom nothing would have been possible.

Understanding how the impossible became reality

Theater of a battle that mobilized fifteen countries, Normandy is also the place where the impossible has become reality. From the landing of June 6, 1944 to the Liberation, through the creation and implementation of the Artificial Port of Arromanches, discover the incredible scale of an unprecedented infrastructure, fruit of the invention and the technical expertise of engineers allies.

Explore a diversity of sites and territories

From the coast to the hedgerow and from the plain to the cliffs, from the Dieppe Raid to the D-Day Beaches and Poche of Falaise-Chambois, Normandy offers such a wide variety of courses that everyone will find the offer adapted to their age, their expectations and their interests. Whether you come by train, car or bike, with family or friends, there is only one way to discover this historic space: by following to your desires.


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