The Normandy Chair for Peace was officially launched during the 2nd Normandy World Peace Forum, on 5th June 2019, with Pierre Denise, President of the Univesity of Caen, Antoine Petit, President of the CNRS and Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region.

It reflects the will of the Normandy Region to contribute to academic research and to the formation of high-level researchers in the peace field.

A true partnership between the Normandy Region, the University of Caen and the CNRS, the Normandy Chair for Peace is part of the diplomatic approach to the scientific world and the Normandy influence. It aims to federate international researchers, to grow the knowledge about the World Forum topics and hence, to ensure the long-term existence of the Forum goal.

The Normandy Chair for Peace is a quadrennial programme which focus on problems related to the rights of future generations, in particular linked to climate change. Indeed, the rights which structure our current societies are addressing present generations. International law, environmental law and comparative law will be the heart of the Chair, in order to protect the environment, the human condition, the humanity and the nature.
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