The Normandy Chair for Peace is mobilizing in order to offer a reflection and rething peace akd future generations, in front of the sanitary events. Two articles to discover on the Normandy Chair for Peace website.

Tony Oposa encourages to see the crises as an oportunity to change in his article The Time for talk is over, published by the Normandy Chair for Peace:

"The slow and silent moments of the day give us a glimpse of what is truly important in Life – The Sources of Life. Land – for food, Air – to breathe, and Water – to drink. (LAW) – the LAW of Life. Take out one, or poison any, there is no Life." 

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The Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson comes back to the causes  of this epidemic and encourages a global action in order to prevent the next pandemics in his article Global Health as a foundation for world peace, published by the Normandy Chair for Peace:

"There can be no peace on the Earth until there is peace with the Earth. This holistic concept of peace embraces present and future generations of humans and all other living beings. The novel coronavirus that now is visiting devastation and death in human societies among all countries and all peoples, demonstrates this reality."

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