Blue Water Benefits of Cooperation in the Middle East
Blue Peace: Benefits of Cooperation in the Middle East
Author: Strategic Foresight Group
Date of publication: November 2018

In 2011, Strategic Foresight Group published a landmark report highlighting the benefits of cooperating over shared water resources in the Middle East. ‘The Blue Peace: Rethinking Middle East Water’, contained a number of recommendations which were made to the countries in the region. These recommendations were intended to improve collaboration and cooperation over the management of shared water resources – actions that would build strength in the region, and ultimately, accrue peace. 

As Blue Peace in the Middle East enters a new phase, this publication outlines what could be possible if the countries in the region would prioritize peace and development over conflict and antagonism. It is proposed as a document for discussion. The experts in the Middle East can use the framework to take clues from some of the ideas and develop a comprehensive and realistic plan of action for rebuilding the Middle East in the spirit of peace and cooperation.