Forum 2018
Watch these highlights of the 2018 World Forum Normandy for Peace "Globalize peace, new wars, new peace" through meetings with Hervé Morin, Bertrand Badie, Hubert Vedrine, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Jean Fabre, Abdoulaye Bathily, Marcelo Kohen, Samuel Forey, Michel Chikwanine, Latifa Ibn-Ziaten and Lassana Bathily.

Videos produced by the Normandy Region
Realization: 2018

Meeting with Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region


Meeting with Bertrand Badie, Politicist and University Professor, Sciences Po


Meeting with  Hubert Védrine, French Former Foreign Affairs Minister


Meeting with Jean-Pierre Raffarin, French Former Prime Minister and President of Leaders for peace


Meeting with Nicole Gnesotto, Professor at Conservatoire national des arts et métiers 


Meeting with Jean Fabre, Former Deputy Director of the United Nations Development Programme


Meeting with Abdoulaye Bathily, Senegalese historian, scholar and politician


Meeting with Marcelo Kohen, Secretary General, International Law Institute 


Meeting with Samuel Forey, Journalist, winner of the Albert London Prize and the 2017 Bayeux Award


Meeting with Michel Chikwanine, Former child soldier and stakeholders for peace


Meeting with Latifa Ibn-Ziaten, Founder of the “Imad-Ibn-Ziaten Association for Youth and Peace”


Meeting with Lassana Bathily, Survivor of the terrorist attacks against Hyper Cacher in 2015, Paris