Ninawa is a chief of the Huni Kui people who lives in Acre, a state in the Brazilian Amazon. He is a healer and an activist for the rights of indigenous people and chairs the Federation of the Huni Kui or the Kaxinawa, which means “true people”.

His ethnic group consists of about 8,000 people, living on 114,000 hectares. As an ambassador for his people who travels all over the world, Ninawa is also involved in agroforestry and the fight against the financialisation of carbon.

Ninawa Huni Kuí joined the Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians in October 2017 during a meeting which led to the Declaration of the Alliance of the Guardians and the Children of Mother Earth, in which he actively participated as a delegate of all of Brazil’s indigenous peoples.


Huni Kui people
Participation in the sessions of the Forum