Start of the session
01 October 2021 09h30
End of the session
01 October 2021 12h30

World peace is currently destabilised by the emergence of multiple threats which go far beyond inter-state conflicts. The UN Security Council, a symbol of multilateralism, is regularly stymied by institutional deadlocks and appears to be the preserve of the major powers of an obsolete world. Although it is not entirely ineffective, radical changes must be made to the principles on which this outdated system is based.

Today, states and UN institutions still have a key role in the governance of peace, but they can no longer claim a monopoly. As we face a global crisis with health, social and economic consequences for world peace, it is vital to reinvent multilateralism.

Restoring peace requires a more extensive involvement of new stakeholders to better reflect our societies and to achieve a more balanced representation, both thematically and geographically. States and institutions can no longer act alone in a world in which peace is everyone’s responsibility!



With Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region, Bertrand Badie, Emeritus Professor at Sciences Po, David Martinon, French Ambassador in Afghanistan, Catherine Morin-Desailly, President of the Senate Culture, Education and Communications Committee, Chékéba Hachemi, President and founder of Afghanistan Libre, and many other Afghan figures.

While the American withdrawal accelerated the fall of Kaboul to Talibans on August 15, the international community worry and stand against the fate that awaits the Afgan people. After 20 years of warning by the Afghan civil society and the international observers, the indignation is unparalleled, yet actions are still to build and propose.  In face of such urgency, the Norman initiative for the Afghan culture was launched on this occasion.


Via video: Nicolas De Rivière, David Malone, Antonio Patriota, Rebecca Richards.


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