History through their eyes
The project « History through their eyes »
Auteur: Liberation Route Europe

The project « History through their Eyes » in which the Normandy region took part, was accompanied by different events in each of the partners' cities. Meetings, conferences, workshops, programs for students... Six events came along with the inauguration of the travelling exhibition "History through their Eyes". The report gives an overview of all these events, their aim and the participants who were involved.

The aim of this project, which was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens", is to foster a better understanding of the WWII events and to raise citizens' awarness of the construction of the European Union and its values. The Liberation Route Europe Foundation, who is at the origin of this project, collaborated with the Normandy region, Municipality of Cassino, Allied Museum Berlin, the association Tourism, Culure & Patrimoine on behalf of the Bastogne War Museum and the Municipality of Nijmegen ; who all hosted the exhibition.

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