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01 October 2020 09h30
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01 October 2020 12h45

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The COVID-19 pandemic, the current environmental crisis and growing inequalities all over the world have created a particularly alarming situation today. This has led to a mistrust of national and international institutions and a feeling of being ignored among swathes of the population, thereby weakening social ties.

At a time when health, environmental and social issues seem to be more interconnected than ever, the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy calls our current model into question. Citizens are expressing their anger on every continent, demanding solutions which reflect the scale of these inequalities. Rising violence, tensions surrounding identity and the lure of extremism are all threats to peace, both locally and internationally.

What responses can be developed to ensure a successful transition towards sustainable development models which will guarantee peace?

Today’s technological revolutions, which can be a source of concern, are also incredible drivers of innovation and are bringing about profound and wide-ranging changes, some of which are for the better. As we see with Green Tech and Tech for Good, these technologies help to support the environmental transition and provide specific and tangible solutions to contemporary problems.

As we reflect on what our world will be like tomorrow, will technological revolutions be for better or for war?


Because of the sanitary crisis, some speakers will address the conference through videos.

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