Start of the session
05 June 2019 10h00
End of the session
05 June 2019 11h15
Abbaye-aux-Dames, Caen
* FAKE NEWS AND DISINFORMATION: WHAT CAN THE MEDIA DO? Fake news, these false information published on the Internet, have become a real weapon of political and geopolitical destabilization. What to do to protect yourself? How are the media and governments responding to this new threat? *MISTAKES AND SUCCESSES ON THE PATH OF PEACE The processes leading to peace do not all have the same results. Aborted or ineffective peace agreements, reminiscences of decaedes-long conflictss or impossible mediations demonstrate that certain paths towards peace lead to dead ends. Unilateral use of force, lack of post-conflict support, lack of involvement of civil societies, do these errors call for the construction of new methods of conflict resolution? Conversely, is multilateralism always a guarantee of success and effectiveness? Between mistakes and success, how is peace made? * PRESENTATION OF LEADERS FOR PEACE'S ANNUAL REPORT Jean-Pierre Raffarin, president of Leaders for Peace will present the annual report of his non-profit organisation.
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